Virtual Exhibition Stand Design

We can transform exhibitions and events into a digital experience

Participation in exhibitions and events is a fundamental part of a company’s marketing strategy. However, in a period of medical emergency like the one we are experiencing, things need to change with the times.
All over the world, social distancing has now become normal. It has required the postponement or cancellation of many events for which companies have been preparing for months.


Invite your customers to a virtual exhibition

If the participation in person at events and fairs has become difficult, sometimes impossible, what our team proposes is the transformation of the classic exhibition stand into a digital one.

By creating a virtual stand comfortably accessible from home or from the home or office, the brand still manages to reach customers and prospects it would meet at the exhibition.


How our virtual stands are developed 

Virtual stand development begins with the evaluation and development of a concept and design tailored to the company. Our aim is to highlight the characteristics, image and values that this represents for its customers.

Then, a 3D rendering of the proposal is created. The company is always included in all the most important decisions regarding layout, mood, spaces and furnishings. The model is evaluated and after the final approval, the real work of transforming the project into a digital experience begins.


Virtual tour of the stand 

The possibilities are almost endless. You can create a dedicated page on your website for the stand with images, videos and descriptive texts from each area of the stand, or immerse customers in an even more realistic experience that is closer to a visit in person. How? adding virtual tours that people can navigate as Google Street View. Inside the stand, it will be possible to rotate and zoom the contents from every angle in your shop or outlet observing of every detail.


Interactive virtual tour with customers, prospects and distributors 

The tour can be completed by a pop-up which, by opening, show additional information content: videos, images and texts. Making the visit interactive, fun and engaging for customers and prospects is a fundamental point of the project. Interaction is exactly what people are looking for at an exhibition and cannot be missing even if the experience is totally online.

The idea of designing a virtual exhibition stand that can be connected live with your customers through the many virtual events taking place is ar possibility that Xhibeo can bring to life through years of experience in the sector.

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