Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular Exhibition Stands are display stands that are created using individual modules or components, these components fit together to create a complete stand. Xhibeo creates modular exhibition stands for numerous shows and clients. Our modular stands give you a simple, yet high quality solution to meet your design needs and requirements that suit a lower budget.

Modular Solutions

Try to think of Modular exhibition systems as slotting into 3 main areas; portable display stands, self-build modular stands and installed modular stands that are available to buy outright or hire. Modular stands are easily adaptable and can be added to, meaning it can change shape and size to suit your business requirements.

Why choose a Modular Exhibition stand

The great advantage of modular exhibition stands or systems is that they can be reconfigured to suit different sizes, and graphics are interchangeable so they can reflect any changes you wish – new brand, change in messaging or fresh look and feel.
Modular exhibition systems are built for reconstruction, they give increased flexibility and ease of transport in addition to being an environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral option.

Your stand is contained within a compact storage unit, helping to keep storage costs low. Lighter weight materials used to build these stands will facilitate savings in labour and shipping costs.

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